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Exclusive This Month - News And Entertainment

150 Budget Gaming Graphics Cards

Now you guys seem to really enjoy the last top five when I did the list of great budget CPUs so I thought in this one we continue that theme and go for the top five budget graphics cards now. I have up the budget just a little bit to 150 now the reason for that is because I believe that 150 pounds and $150 is the sweet spot and whereby you get great value for money. You get nice performance as well I'd also like to say that you may find different variants of the following cards at cheaper prices but the variance I've gone for ones that are readily available in both the US and the UK for under the 150 mark.

So let's get straight into the list and kick things off with the MSI geforce gtx 750ti now this is a 2 gigabyte GDDR5 card it’s clocked at one point 06 gigahertz and the only uses 60 watts of power which means it doesn't require an external 6-pin connector. Now the gtx 750ti in my opinion is one of the best budget graphics card and whites in the least and it really does make a fantastic option and it's still more than capable of playing titles at 1080p with decent settings as well no next up we have the slightly more powerful gtx 950. Now again this is a 2 gigabyte graphics card with a core clock of 1.9 gigahertz and it uses 90 watts of power now the good thing about this card is that it only requires a 300 watt power supply. Although it does have one 6-pin connector it really doesn't use all that much power and if you want to go with this one over the 750 ti. You would see a very nice performance increase as well this is the Zotac edition of the card and I really have had great experience with zotac in the past. Now this card should also still be capable of 1080p gaming for a while yet and so if you were to buy one of these today it would still last quite a long time in a budget gaming setup and I think it represents great value for money.

Exclusive This Month - News And Entertainment

Next up we have Andy's recently-released RX for 60 now this is another personal favorite of mine in terms of performance you can expect it to perform somewhere in between the 750 ti and the gtx 950 yet it is priced very well and in some instances you can find cheaper than the 750 ti. Now this features both two gigabytes and four gigabytes of the around depending on the variant in this case we've gone with the two gigabyte version as it's still a very nice budget card and is a lot cheaper in some places than the four gigabyte version. It has a call clock of 1.09 gigahertz and only uses 75 watts of power and the recommended power supply is only 400 watts. I have run a couple of tests with this card in the past and I was very impressed with the price to performance ratio and seeing as it is quite new. I think it makes an excellent choice as well next up on the list we have the XFX radeon R7 360, this is clocked at 1.2 5 gigahertz and it features two gigabytes of GDDR5 Ram. I was actually debating as to whether putting this card on the list would be a good idea I’m sure some of you probably think that it won't be but I have used this card before in the budget build and I was quite impressed with the results. The only thing I'm going to have to say is that it isn't very power efficient it requires a 500 watt psu with 16 pin connector which for a card like this shouldn’t necessarily be the case you probably be better off going with the 750 ti or the RX for 60 but I feel that this card if you can find it cheap enough. Still makes a great choice when it comes to a budget gaming PC setup and of course it's still more than capable of 1080p as well now finally we have the power color R7 370 this is basically the more powerful version of the 360. It makes a great budget graphics card as well if not on price alone now I found this card at a very nice price that was primarily the reason I put it on this list aside from that is still a very nice performer. I have used this one in the past as well and it makes for a great 1080p budget gaming solution again this isn’t the most power-efficient card out there.

Exclusive This Month - News And Entertainment

It requires a 500 watt psu just like the r7 360 and 16 pin power connector as well one thing I will say however is that from my experience with this card at least it does run very quietly is always a nice bonus. When the card was cool and quiet so that is my top five list of budget graphics cards that you can currently buy it for under 150 dollars I hope you guys like the list if you have any recommendations of your own. I would just like to say that if you were to buy used or secondhand of prices are ebayed and you could probably find things a lot better value for money but for this list I wanted to stick with new components just like the cpu list.

But I will be doing a used component top five for both the CPU and the GPUs that you can find as well in the near future having said that I think that any of these budget GPUs would go nicely with any of the budget cpus featured in the last video. If you have any of your own recommendations hopefully it will help everyone out I hope you enjoyed this video guys and hopefully I'll see every single one of you in the next one.

CPU and other devices are being stock filed especially when some spare parts are damage and needs to be dumped in case there is nothing we can do it about. Then waste products will be accumulated and because of that trommel fines is needed to make it reusable.


Understand What Is First, Second and Third Party Game Developer and Publisher





We've talked about how good exclusivity of a game on a certain console or platform is for consumer before. The games aren't always exclusive specifically because somebody wanted more money in fact there's often very interesting stories behind internal studios and semi internal studios that might make you understand a lot as to why exclusive still exist in our world of gaming.  Before we even get started I’m just going to say this if you already know this stuff you might enjoy the video anyway we're making it so that more people understand.



Now I’m not going to go in numerical order but I am going to start with a first-party game developer and what they are. To put it in the most obvious possible terms we're talking about a team of people that developed games and in the case of a first-person developer their team that was formed internally or acquired by entirely by the owner of a gaming platform whether that's a console or arguably a software platform nobody's ever completely defined Steam in that way but we'll talk about in just a second. When Nintendo makes a console Nintendo has a bunch of teams that all work on their own games those are internal development houses that function is part of Nintendo. They may not even be credited as an outside studio they may be credited as a team name or Team number for instance Sega's arcade division at least the one that was responsible for the most good arcade games by Sega was called AM 2 they were responsible for Virtua Fighter which is pretty much Sega's big arcade game but nobody knew who they were they just knew it was Sega game because they didn't make games anywhere else because if they did that would be absurd because that would essentially take away one of the things that Sega has which other people don't to say but not actually say their mark getting slogan from the nineties.




Exclusive This Month - News And Entertainment

To use Sega again Sonic team although a more well-known internal team with a name and a logo was formed by Sega and works

entirely for Sega. When characters and franchises are typically associated with a large company that owns a console typically made by that company's first party developers now I mentioned Valve and steam because it kind of functions as a gaming platform obviously their windows games so it's not 100-percent one-to-one with a gaming console but they do end up overseeing a lot of what

goes on Steam in the same way that Sony overseas what goes on the PlayStation platform. Valve does make its own games however Valve essentially is a hierarchy lists entity and when it works on a game it works on a game as Valve so you might call Valve both platform holder and a first-party developer but that depends on how flexible you want to be with the term.

On the opposite end of the spectrum of third-party developer is a company that works on its own to publish games on whatever platforms it pleases to it obviously has to comply with the rules and regulations of those platforms usually in the form of licensing agreements and comes pretty much end up with their game on whatever platform they can make money on. A third-party developer might publish its own games and it might not. The first third party developer was Activision and they started doing that in 1979 and since then they've become both publisher and developer on their own but primarily works as a publisher nowadays. A third-party developer might make up its own intellectual property to make games about or publisher my contract on in order to make new entries in various intellectual property that the publisher owns.

The publisher actually doesn't have that different of a relationship between Nintendo and one of their first party developers except for in the case of a third-party developer the publisher does not own the development house at least not automatically. Publishers often do acquire developers nowadays but the publisher is still separate from whatever platform they're publishing the game on so really no matter what the developers a third-party developer. Sony owned Naughty Dog was actually a third-party developer ahead of that they were founded in nineteen eighty-four is Jam software and rename themselves in 1989 Naughty Dog their entire involvement in the Crash Bandicoot series the mainline games anyhow. They were a separate company from Sony. Sony bought them in 2001 and they've been a first-party developer ever since and directly in between those as in the number between one and three is to a second party developer is just a little bit different than a third party developer sometimes they're wholly owned by themselves independently and maybe even are their own publisher. Essentially a studio that accepts a contract that says they will only develop for a certain platform or if they're an independent company however are partially owned by the platform holder there a second party developer. Perhaps the highest-profile second party developers Game Freak. The primary developer of Nintendo's Pokemon series obviously there aren't going to be any Pokemon games on any other platform other than you know mobile and those develop by Niantic but the mainline Pokemon games are on Nintendo platforms until 2013 Insomniac Games whom depending on when you heard of them might know them from Ratchet and Clank, Spyro the Dragon, Resistance: Fall of Men, Sunset Overdrive or the coming Spider-man game was a second party developer for Sony.

Exclusive This Month - News And Entertainment

They developed exclusively for Playstation platforms perhaps the highest-profile exception to all the rules is Mo Jang the developers of Minecraft was wholly owned by Microsoft but it's not a first-party developer at all. They developed for basically every platform and maintain almost entire independence however they don't actually operate as either a first or second party developer they operate as a third-party developer. To recap and this time it will be in numerical order of first-party developer is essentially a sub team of a platform owner, a second party developer is an external company that's contracted by a platform holder and a third party developer is somebody not really beholden to any specific platform and develops whatever they want for whatever platform they want I mean unless they signed some kind of exclusivity deal which doesn't make them a first or second party developer it just means that game is only going to be on that platform.

Donald Trump's Boldest Lies From First Presidential Debate

A record-breaking number of people tuned in to watch Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's first presidential debate last September 26 but if you weren't one of them, we've got you on the highlights. The entire debate was fact-checked by reliable sources like MPR so I'm just stating actual facts here. One candidate definitely told a hell of a lot of lies as confirmed by multiple experts. So although I consider making the headline on this video, all the lies both candidates told in the first presidential debate, it just didn't really seem to make sense.

Exclusive This Month - News And Entertainment

Let's start with Hillary Clinton who had a few slight missteps. On the topic of criminal justice reform at one point Clinton said “I'm glad that we're ending private prisons in the federal system I want to see them ended in the State System.” That wasn't entirely accurate but it wasn't fabricated either. MPR points out that although the Bureau of Prisons is phasing out its reliance on private prisons, the Department of Homeland Security has more than seventy percent of its non-citizen detainees in private prisons. On the very exciting topic of the trans-pacific partnership with Zach Galifianakis also jokingly grilled her about supporting Obama's trans-pacific partnership deal even if she is against it. Trump accused Clinton of fully supporting the TPP saying that she called it the gold standard of trade deals and the finest deal she's ever seen. Clinton disagreed but Trump was partially right here. In her book she did call it the gold standard but Clinton eventually change her stance on it while competing against Bernie Sanders. At one point Hillary also alleged that Trump didn't pay any income taxes which was a slight exaggeration since there's proof that he's paid for at least three years in 1970’s according to the Washington Post.

Exclusive This Month - News And Entertainment

Those are Hillary's biggest fumbles during the debate and now on to Trump the businessman comes from a very wealthy family in fact his dad was once one of the wealthiest men in America. But he's been trying to connect with lower and middle-class families by claiming that he built his fortune from the ground up. He said once again that he received a quote very small loan from his dead to start his business which is a lie. Trump previously said that he only received 1 million dollars but an investigation conducted by the Wall Street Journal found that it can be more like 14 million. He also received the 40 million dollar inheritance in 1974 but yeah he's the epitome of the struggle. On the topic of climate change, Trump denied ever saying it was just a Chinese hooks which is also alive because as you can see in his tweet his exact words were “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S manufacturing non-competitive.” During the debate he also insisted that he never supported invading Iraq. But in a September 2002 interview, Howard Stern ask him exactly that question and his response was, “Yeah I guess so. I wish the first time, it was done correctly.” When asked how he would heal the racial divide in America, Trump said that he supported stop-and-frisk or the police practice of randomly stopping productions and searching them. The moderator pointed out that the practice was ruled unconstitutional in New York in 2013 because of racial profiling to which he replied “No you're wrong. It went before a judge who was a very against police judge, it was taken away from her and our Mayor, our new mayor refused to go forward with the case.” But a judge definitely ruled that it was unconstitutional so that was just as usual strategy of yelling versus using facts.

On to maternity leave. Another big issue for women who want to raise families while keeping their jobs. Most US companies give a very limited amount of paid time off for mothers especially compared to countries like Germany which offers several months to both moms and dads. During the debate, Trump denied ever saying that pregnancy is an inconvenience to the employers, but in 2004 interview with Dateline, this is what he said “A pregnancy is a wonderful thing for the woman, it's a wonderful thing for the husband but it's certainly an inconvenience for business. And whether people want to say that or not, the fact is, it is an inconvenience for a person that is running a business.” Not done yet, during the debate Clinton pointed out that Trump has taken business bankruptcies six times. Which basically means that his companies could remain in business while getting most debt White Queen. He countered by saying that it was quote on occasion for times when in fact it's definitely been six times but Trump once told Washington Post reporters that he counted the first three bankruptcies as one so he also gets very creative with Math.

Exclusive This Month - News And Entertainment

Now, we'll wrap it up with his tax returns. Presidential candidates usually released our tax returns to the public can see things like annual income, how much they paying taxes, and how much they donate to charity. Clinton release hers recently but Trump still refuses claiming for months now that he's going through an audit. Just FYI, an audit definitely does not prevent someone from releasing their tax returns. Richard Nixon who started this tradition actually released his own while being audited. From what we've seen so far there's proof that at least five times in the past 40 years, Trump hasn't paid any or nearly any income tax. Lucky for him because we'd all be taking home a lot more money without that hit on our paychecks. Anyway observe this information and do with it what you will just make sure you hit the polls in November 3 to vote not just for the President but also for politicians who make decisions that affect your communities.

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